Contract Development & Manufacturing for passion.
We stand by our clients and aid them in their growth and ambition.

Production capacity up to 35 million items

to 35 million

We help our clients with all technical and regulatory matters

State-of-the-Art Quality and Experience

Vamfarma is an Italian and privately owned company specializes in manufacturing of finished drug products for multinational pharmaceutical companies. In addition to our range of products and services, we also have a team of highly skilled and motivated professionals ready to work alongside our clients to satisfy their needs. Part of our mission is creating value for our clients.

We do not like resting on our laurels at Vamfarma, but rather strive for continuous improvement.

The expertise of our staff and teamwork are two key elements that are put to daily use in our interdisciplinary problem-solving process, in using flexibility as a tool for achieving synergy, as well as in our commitment for continuous improvement as a means of becoming more competitive while complying with the principles of economic sustainability.

Fully compliant

Vamfarma offers the highest possible standards in terms of quality, health, occupational safety, and environmental protection.

The UNI ISO 45001:2018 international certification is a tool that guarantees:

  • A safe and healthy workplace
  • Effective reduction of workplace accidents
  • Continuous improvement for the purpose of achieving new and challenging goals in terms of health, occupational safety, and environmental protection