About Vamfarma

The ideal international partner in the field of drug manufacturing

Vamfarma is a 100% privately held Italian company that is continuously growing with the aim of becoming the ideal international partner in the field of drug manufacturing by supporting its clients in consolidating their business and providing them with growth opportunities.

Our manufacturing plant

Vamfarma was born in 2013 and is located in Kennedy Street, in the municipality of Comazzo in Lombardy.

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Drug products

Know-how, experience, and quality of the pharmaceutical forms in which we excel. Flexibility and investments designed to sustain new projects.

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Immediate and secondary bulk packaging solutions.

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Beyond production and packaging

Vamfarma also offers all-round consulting services.

  • We are always at our clients’ side and cover everything from supply chain management to the smallest details of regulatory compliance.
  • Thanks to our staff of highly skilled experts, our flexibility, constant innovation, and staying in step with the latest technological advances, Vamfarma has become one of the most competitive companies in its field.